Francis Allard modtager Rydberg guldmedaljen

SCANVAC har den 19. april tildelt Professor Francis Allard den prestigefyldte Rydberg guldmedalje 2020 for hans enestående bidrag til forskningen indenfor ventilation og fordeling af indendørsluft.

Francis Allard har sendt følgende takkebrev til SCANVAC priskomitéen:

Dear SCANVAC President and Friends,

I am extremely surprised and honored by your decision to reward me with the Rydberg Gold Medal 2020. I really appreciate the privilege you give me to be distinguished by your community. I know the long-time commitment of your federation to support and develop research initiatives in the domain of ventilation, airflow distribution and indoor air quality. As many colleagues of our scientific community, I appreciated this leading contribution since a long time.

I had also many opportunities during conferences, seminars and scientific visits to share our experience with many colleagues of SCANVAC who became among my best friends. I know how important are these scientific exchanges, research activity is a team activity, and we all contribute modestly to develop our common knowledge.

I want to dedicate this award to my students and colleagues who have shared with me, for many years, this collective ambition.

Mister SCANVAC President, dear SCANVAC Colleagues, I want to thank you all for your recognition, even if I am now less active in research, be sure I will continue to serve our scientific community.

Best regards,

Francis Allard

Rydberg guldmedaljen er opkaldt efter Professor John Rydberg (1908-1986) for at ære hans internationale pionerarbejde indenfor fordeling af indendørsluft ved Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan i midten af det nittende århundrede.