ICIEE inviterer til Seminar om indeklima og energi i bygninger

Seminar of the International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy (ICIEE)

Department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

ICIEE is organizing the seminar on Tuesday May 2, 2017 from 13:00 to 17:00 where several invited international guests and representative of the Centre sponsors will present on the topic of indoor environment and energy use in buildings. Highlights from the current research performed by the Centre will also be presented by the Centre researchers.  This seminar will also mark a change in the management of ICIEE, where Pawel Wargocki will take over the leadership from Bjarne W. Olesen.

ICIEE was established in 1998 with a 10-year long financial support from the Danish Research Council (STVF). Since then, the Centre has marked itself as one of the leading research groups in the world carrying out the research on the effects of indoor environment on man, on the solutions for mitigating these effects with as little energy use as possible.

The seminar will take place in Building 127, room 119 (1st floor) at DTU Campus, Kongens Lyngby.

Please register at:, Code: ICIEE-2


13:00                              Welcome on behalf of DTU Civil Engineering
                                         Niels Jørgen Aagaard, PhD, Head of Department

13:05                               Welcome on behalf of the Section of Indoor Environment and Building Physics
                                         Geo Clausen, Professor, Head of Section

13:10                               Welcome on behalf of the International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy
                                         Bjarne W. Olesen, Prof., Head of ICIEE

13:20                              Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Fundamentals and Indoor Environment Applications
                                         William Bahnfleth, Prof., Penn State University, USA, Past President of ASHRAE

13:40                              Energy policy in Japan after Fukushima – Toward Zero Energy Building
                                         Shin-ichi Tanabe, Prof., Waseda University, Japan, v-President AIJ and SHASE

14:00                              Understanding and utilization of building energy flexibility
                                         Rongling Li, PhD, Postdoctoral researcher ICIEEE

14:10                              Understanding and modelling occupants’ behaviour and the effect on the indoor environment
                                         Rune Korsholm Andersen, PhD, Associate Professor, ICIEE

14:20                              New localized ventilation for high quality indoor climate and energy saving
                                         Mariya P. Bivolarova, PhD candidate, ICIEE

14:30                              A Skinful of Secrets: Dermal uptake of chemicals from air
                                        Gabriel Bekö, PhD, Associate Professor, ICIEE

14:40                              Renewables and building thermal mass: A perfect match for sustainable heating and cooling of buildings
                                        Ongun Berk Kazanci, PhD, Postdoctoral researchers ICIEE

14:50                              ”Everyday” indoor environment – applied research towards improved IEQ in existing buildings
                                         Jakub Kolarik, PhD, Associate Professor, DTU Civil Engineering

15:00                              Break

15:20                              The role of building physics in the context of well-functioning whole buildings and indoor environments
                                        Carsten Rode, Prof., ICIEE

15:40                              ASHRAE- Design Guide for Tall, Supertall, and Megatall Building Systems
                                        Peter Simmonds, PhD, Director of Building and Systems Analytics LLC

16:00                              Trends in ventilation from a producer’s perspective
                                         Mats Sandor, Technical Director of System Air AB (sponsor of ICIEE)

16:20                              ASHRAE Presidential talk
                                        Bjarne W. Olesen, Prof., Head of ICIEE, ASHRAE President Elect

16:40                              Handing over the Centre management
                                        Niels Jørgen Aagaard, PhD, Head of Department

16:50                              The way ahead: Future research needs and closing remarks
                                        Pawel Wargocki, Associate Professor ICIEE

17:00                               Reception

18:30                              End of the seminar